Nightingale for Ukraine

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There is a nightingale singing, 
He sings to gather everyone from his family

Like everyone with breath in their body I am watching the situation in Ukraine, asking myself what I can do. Well, It's not much but I can do this. Here is a Nightingale. In Ukrainian folklore, this bird is a symbol of family, of home and garden, of the arrival of spring and of hope. It also represents talented humble people who sing in the shadows. I can't think of anything more appropriate. 
It is in an unlimited run in the hope that I will make lots of money to send to Ukraine. To begin with, all proceeds will go to charities supporting Ukrainian families.
£50 (inc P&P)
Handmade Linocut print
210mm x 297mm
Printed on 300gsm Hot-pressed Watercolour paper
The Nightingale is important to all slavic cultures including Russian, which seems all the more poignant to me.